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When the guilty get out of prison there are all kinds of support waiting to help them adjust to freedom. The innocent —they're on their own. We're advocating for affordable housing, education from basic literacy on up, job training, job hunting assistance and teaching life and workforce skills for the wrongfully incarcerated. In addition, we want to make sure that the newly-released have ready access to a variety of legal services from assistance in the complicated process of expunging their criminal records to getting access to public benefits.  

The Causes

We look to put an end to all the reasons the innocent are incarcerated...ineffective counsel, false testimony, police and prosecutorial misconduct, witness misidentification, false confessions, and evidence suppression, including DNA evidence and more. One of the goals of the Innocence Bus Tour is to make everyone in the criminal justice system aware of these causes and to motivate them to take action to make the changes that are necessary to put a stop to them and keep them from contributing to more wrongful convictions.  

The Compensation

The Support


Since 1989, over 2000 innocent people have been released from incarceration. At an average of 11 years each, that's 22,000 years that have been stolen from innocent lives. How do you compensate someone for a loss of years and loss of relationships that goes beyond dollars and cents? We support efforts to provide an official acknowledgement of wrongful conviction in addition to encouraging ALL states and U.S. Territories to enact statutes to ensure sufficient monetary compensation based upon a minimum amount for each year served.


Click Here to Meet Some Who've Been Exonerated 

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