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Sponsors and Patrons

We are grateful to the generosity of our Corporate Sponsors and Individual Patrons who have made the Innocence Tour 2022 possible. For information on contributing see below or call us 1(630) 222-6687, (312) or 772-9283 or Email us at:

Our Corporate Sponsors

Our Contributing Patrons

Innocence Tour Sponsorship Opportunities

SPONSORSHIP LEVELS (please check level which you are interested in sponsoring)


Event Sponsor [$1,000.000]          _________                         Survivor Sponsor          [$50,000]     _________     

Diamond Sponsor [$500,000]       _________                          Drum Major Sponsor    [$25,000]      _________

Platinum Sponsor [$200,000]        _________                          Lighthouse  Sponsor    [$10,000]      _________

Pearl Sponsor       [$100,000]        _________                          Rino Sponsor               [$5,000]        _________

Donations in any amount will be most appreciated. Thank you!

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